72 Must-Follow Facebook Pages for Aspiring Content Marketers

If you’re an aspiring content marketer, it’s great finding new people in your field to like and follow on social media. You can pick up ideas, tips, tricks, and inspiration from people who really know how to work their social media! But there are lots of other people to check out, too…. This article by Pat Parkinson gives a diverse list of 72 people to follow online, all of whom motivate and inspire him. The list includes musicians, speakers, athletes, journalists, businesses… They all have something to offer and to help you in your quest for content marketing mastery. Read the article on PostPlanner.com and start Liking! … [Read more...]

6 Essential Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

I love this article from www.Entrepreneur.com. 6 Essential Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs goes beyond advice on good marketing moves, business plans, etcetera. Instead, it focuses on the skills and traits you personally need in order to succeed as a small business owner. It’s so important to consider your own wants, needs, and motivations before becoming an entrepreneur, and to continue to keep these in mind once you take the entrepreneurial plunge. Just few things this article covers are having a clear vision, communication, and time management. I highly recommend reading this for any aspiring or current entrepreneur! Also check out my earlier blog “4 Questions to Ask Before … [Read more...]