Why You Might Receive a Notice from the IRS

April 15th has come and gone and the last thing you want is to hear from the IRS; however, sometimes the IRS needs to follow up on tax-related issues and they will send notices that you might need to respond to.  Don’t panic! Not all of these letters contain bad news–sometimes you could even be receiving more money for your tax refund!

Here are some common reasons why people receive IRS notices:

  • Balance Due
  • You Qualify for Additional Tax Credits
  • A Change to Your Estimated Tax Credit Amount
  • A Change to a Previous Year’s Refunds
  • Overpayments
  • Issues with Direct Deposit
  • Changes to Filing Requirements
  • Confirmation of Tax Return Receipt
  • Address Update Needed

To learn more about IRS notices, check out the IRS’ Ten Things to Know about IRS Notices and Letters. Remember, not all notices are bad news, so don’t freak out when you see the envelope in the mail and feel free to contact Nakata Consulting if you have any questions!