Disability & Special Education Advocacy

Some families, like my own, experience the challenges of parenting a child with special needs.  I have learned firsthand how to build a “team” with schools, educators, and other service providers. Partnerships are powerful. When parents, practitioners, researchers, and educators form partnerships within communities, it promotes personal choice, self-determination, and the social, educational, and economic welfare of all children (especially those with challenges) as they transition into adulthood. For more on my philosophy, click here.

My own experiences creating partnerships to help my child with unique challenges, led me to the conclusion that parents need help in this process. That’s why Nakata Consulting offers special education consultation services.

We can:

  • Guide parents through the IEP and special education process, from eligibility for services, to retaining services, or advocating for new services, as well as  changes to the delivery model.

  • Work to help children develop their skills and capacity.

  • Define and develop a plan to meet goals to maximize children’s academic and social potential.

  • Secure the appropriate supports and services based on each individual child’s needs.

Families with adults with disabilities face challenges, too. For these families, we work to help locate service providers to assist with care, explore housing options, and maximize the resources and support individuals receive. Our goal is to enable adults with disabilities to live as independently as possible.