Financial Counseling

Nakata Consulting has partnered with Casey Chaffin & Chaffin Financial to provide individuals with an opportunity to have a clear understanding of how much money they bring in, how much they spend and where their money is actually going.  Through Chaffin Financial we can provide you assistance with and consultations about your credit, personal budgeting help, monthly credit & debt monitoring, assistance with student debt, and a personal full financial analysis. Chaffin Financial‘s mission is help relieve your stress, plan for your future and discover the correct course of action so you can find your personal happiness, whether you want to be prepared for the future, take a vacation or simply stop living pay check to pay check, they are here to help.

Casey has spent the last decade studying the law in regards to fair debt collection, fair credit reporting, and consumer protection, and more. Her goal is to help those understand their rights in this society and learn to stand up for themselves.  She received her degree in psychology from Union College, where she graduated with National Honors, Phi Alpha Theta and Psi Chi.  Casey’s course of study allowed her to understand those who have experienced difficulties in their lives and be able to relate to them in a way where they can benefit from her knowledge and expertise. This also allows her to build the base of a great long term relationship with my clients. Her goal is to understand you. She wants to know how to make your life easier whether it relates to your current finances, long term financial goals or past difficulties.

Casey is not very good at “sugar-coating”. So, if you are ready for someone to tell you how it is, teach you how to protect yourself, be there for you when needed and advise you about the financial soundness of the decisions you make, that Casey will be the beacon to guide you to better decisions.