My Philosophy

Your child will be in his or her school daily for many years to come. Teachers and staff talk to one another and share their insights and feelings, just as families do. Teachers want to do what is best for all of the students they serve. Remember, a strained relationship can drain a teacher or staff’s physical and emotional resources and thus impact the type of care and services a student receives. A fear-based relationship is not the best way to achieve the goals set forth for a child. This happens not because teachers or staff are bad people, but because they are human and the added stress and tension can adversely affect their work with a child. It is not intentional, but it can happen.

As in life, an advocate should help you achieve a positive relationship with your child’s school. The saying, “you can get more with honey than you can with vinegar” holds true in so many ways. If you work with the school, realize their limits and try to collaborate with them for the good of your child; you will achieve more in the long run than if you make unreasonable demands simply because an advocate says to do it. Remember teachers and staff care about your child and their relationships with your child and with your family.

We need to have positive, strong, and nurturing relationships all of our lives to assist us in meeting our needs and those of your children. Without strong and positive relationships, achieving your goals may be challenging. The future of your child is in your ability to choose your battles wisely, understand constraints, and seek ways to collaborate in the relationships you create.