10 Easy Solutions to Business Writing Problems

Never underestimate the importance of good writing. Especially in the world of digital business, it is often your only “voice.” If your first email to a potential customer is dull, confusing, and riddled with grammatical errors, you will likely lose the customer. If a memo to employees is unclear, you may end up with confused workers and incorrectly done work.

10 Easy Solutions to Business Writing Problems out of Entrepreneur Magazine gives some simple tips, tricks, and troubleshooting solutions to help you in your writing. I’ve given you the top three here:

  1. Use strong verbs- weak verbs make writing look dull
  2. Avoid pretentious or confusing words- keep the words short and clear
  3. Don’t overuse the verb “to be”- replace “is, was, were” etc with stronger verbs

You may still struggle with writing- that’s OK, it’s not everyone’s strong suit! Or you may just not have time to get it all done. Seeking some outside help is sometimes your best choice. At Nakata Consulting, we have had great success with 3am Writers.

Be sure to read the rest of the article for all ten tips.