5 Requirements for Successful Email Marketing

How do you keep in touch with your customers?  Social media? Postcards? The occasional phone call? It’s important to maintain contact with clients, both past and present, but it can be tough when we’re busy running your businesses and maintaining your personal life. One of the simplest ways to maintain contact with your customers is by sending out email newsletters. Email newsletters are a common marketing device used to engage customers and sell products and services. When used right, they can be advantageous to your business; however, it requires plenty of time and brain power before you can build a successful newsletter. When brainstorming, consider these 5 necessities for … [Read more...]

The Balancing Act of Success for Millennial Entrepreneurs

Every day new businesses are growing from garage startups to massive million-dollar corporations, but have you ever stopped to think about how many of those companies make it past their 15 minutes of fame?  According to Blaine Vess, co-founder and CEO of StudyMode, bringing your company to the top and keeping it there takes a certain balance. Check out his article to find out his 7 Steps to Finding Success as a Millennial Entrepreneur. … [Read more...]