Review Your Taxes in The Summer for Less Surprises Next Spring

Each year many people are surprised to find out they owe more money on their taxes than they originally thought. While others might be excited at the arrival of a larger refund check than they previously planned for. Has this happened to you? You might want to consider staying on top of your tax situation before next Spring arrives. A new job, change in marital status, new baby, new house are all things that can have an effect on your taxes. Visit the to learn how to properly report any change in circumstance you might have. … [Read more...]

Affordable Care Act Tax Exemptions

As of 2014, if you do not have health insurance coverage or have a gap in coverage, you will have to either pay an individual shared responsibility fee or file for an exemption when you file your taxes in 2015. Wondering how to make the right choices for your health care tax provisions? Here are some basics to help you determine if you qualify for an Affordable Care Act tax exemption. According to the IRS, people who qualify include those who: Do not have access to affordable coverage Have a gap of less than three consecutive months without coverage Qualify for one of several other exemptions, including: having a hardship that prevents you from obtaining coverage, … [Read more...]

Don’t Wave a Red Flag to the IRS

Tax time can be stressful: meeting deadlines, finding invoices and receipts, and figuring out how much to write off while avoiding an audit. An accountant can alleviate some of the stress, but not all of it! A colleague of mine published these tips in their newsletter, figured I’d share. Here’s a list of things to avoid if you would prefer NOT to undergo an IRS audit: Eleven Red Flags The IRS Looks For: 1.) Forgetting to claim income that is already being reported to the IRS. 2.) ROUND numbers are always a flag. 3.) Large deductions for travel & entertainment. Computer programs at the IRS establish norms. Taxpayers that are outliers are at a higher risk of audit. In … [Read more...]

Writing Off Charitable Travel Expenses

Do your plans this year include donating your valuable skills or services to charity? If traveling is part of the plan too, some travel expenses may be deductible for your business. While this can help lower your tax burden when filing next year’s return, you should use caution when listing those deductions. Here are three things you can write off when traveling for charity: 1. Although you can’t deduct the value of your services that you donate to charity, you may be able to deduct some out-of-pocket costs associated with your services. This can include the cost of travel, meals, and lodging, but all out-of pocket costs must meet the following criteria: The expense must be … [Read more...]