Effective Tools For Teaching Students With Learning Challenges

According to the research conducted by National Education Association (NEA), the number of students enrolled in special education programs in the U.S. has risen to 30% over the past 10 years. The research also found out that today every general education classroom in the U.S. includes students with learning disabilities. Three out of every four uniquely challenged students spend a part or their entire day at school. It has also been observed that as the number of students has increased in special education programs, the supply of special education teachers and instructors has not kept pace. There has been a shortage of well-trained instructors in special education. There is one tool … [Read more...]

Successful Strategies for Teaching Children with Learning Challenges

Students with learning disabilities are probably the largest group of students with disabilities. These disabilities may include difficulty in remembering, difficulty in writing or reading, ADHD, emotional disorders, autism, developmental delays, speech or language impairment, limited cognitive functioning, or physical impairment. Teachers should not try to generalize all students with disabilities into one behavioral or learning group, but approach every single student to his or her own personal characteristics. The Learning Disabilities Association of America after comprehensive research on students with special needs have offered viable suggestions to teachers that provide them … [Read more...]

Financial, Mortgage & Real Estate Q&A Event

Buying a home in the near future? Starting a family? Saving for retirement? There is no time like the present to be prepared for your financial future. Professionals and consumers are welcome to attend at no cost. No salesman, just an informal session to answer your financial questions in a relaxed setting. Join us on August 25th from 6-7:30pm. Be sure to RSVP to the event through our Facebook page invite. We hope to see you there and be able to provide you with answers to some of your financial questions. … [Read more...]

Don’t Wave a Red Flag to the IRS

Tax time can be stressful: meeting deadlines, finding invoices and receipts, and figuring out how much to write off while avoiding an audit. An accountant can alleviate some of the stress, but not all of it! A colleague of mine published these tips in their newsletter, figured I’d share. Here’s a list of things to avoid if you would prefer NOT to undergo an IRS audit: Eleven Red Flags The IRS Looks For: 1.) Forgetting to claim income that is already being reported to the IRS. 2.) ROUND numbers are always a flag. 3.) Large deductions for travel & entertainment. Computer programs at the IRS establish norms. Taxpayers that are outliers are at a higher risk of audit. In … [Read more...]

Three Year-End Tax Tips from the IRS to Help You Save Money

Sure, the tax year is coming to an end, but there are still steps you can take to lower your 2014 taxes. I found an excellent article on year-end tax tips that can help you save time and tax dollars. They can even help you save for retirement. Who doesn’t love to save money? Here are 3 year-end tips from the IRS to help you save: Start a filing system. If you don’t have a filing system for your tax records, start one. It can be as simple as a shoebox, or more complex like folders and spreadsheets. Keeping things filed will save you much time and energy in the long run. Make Charitable Contributions. If you plan to give to charity, consider donating before the year ends. … [Read more...]

Beyond Banks: Alternative Funding for Startups

Recently, I read the article “Beyond Banks: Alternative Funding for Startups” in the Business Owner's Playbook. I love this piece! It is a valuable resource and primer on source financing when banks are not the way to go. If you’re looking to start a new business or expand the small business you already own, read this, then read it again, then bookmark it for future reference! Here are just a few alternative funding options covered by the article: Crowdfunding: raising small amounts of startup money from a very large number of people (the “crowd”) Peer-to-Peer Lending: (a.k.a. P2P) borrowing money from unrelated individuals (“peers”) without having to go through a … [Read more...]